Virtual Seminar Tech Guide

HOBY Connect

HOBY Connect is the central hub of the 2021 HOBY Ohio South Leadership Seminar. Ambassadors will use HOBY Connect to join our Zoom meeting, access our activities, and find other resources.

You will receive an email in the days before the seminar containing a link to HOBY Connect. Once you receive that email, you can follow the instructions here to get set up.

Once logged in, you can access the HOBY Ohio South Leadership Seminar by selecting My Connect, and then My Courses from the navigation box on the lefthand side of the screen. You will then see the Ohio-South 2021 HOBY Leadership Seminar module.

Once you click into the seminar module, you’ll see several tabs you will use to navigate our seminar. The Contents tab (the default tab you see to the left) is where you will follow along during the seminar. The Program Book tab will include a copy of our program booklet, featuring a complete schedule, curriculum, lists of ambassadors and staff, and more information about HOBY Ohio South. Explore the other tabs to find other background information and resources.

As we move through the two-day seminar, you will only be able to access modules if you have completed those prior. To get started on Saturday morning, you will be asked to read the Ambassador Rules and Regulations. You may then click Zoom Link for Day 1 Morning, which will connect you to our seminar via Zoom! From there, you’ll simply follow along as our staff guides you through our leadership curriculum.


Our Leadership Seminar will take place via videoconferencing on the Zoom platform. Zoom is available for laptop and desktop computers, as well as tablets and smartphones running on an iOS (Apple) or Android platform. If you do not yet have Zoom, please save yourself some time Saturday morning by downloading it here on the device you plan to use for the seminar.

When you join the seminar, please make sure your name is set to your full first and last name.

To foster the most engaged atmosphere possible, we encourage you to keep your camera on for the entire seminar. The seminar will consist of both full-group sessions, during all microphones will be muted except for the presenters, and small-group breakout sessions during which everyone will be unmuted.


If you experience any issues with HOBY Connect, Zoom, or your device and need assistance getting them resolved, please submit a ticket with our helpdesk and a HOBY volunteer will reach out ASAP!